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About glucosamine & chondroiton and puppies . . .

Yesterday morning on NPR’s Morning Edition they talked about how Exercise May Help Knees More Than Glucosamine And Chondroitin. Have you noticed that more and more, studies show that exercise is more effective than supplements? I think it’s sad when we spend so much effort analyzing how we should exercise to the point where we don’t do much at all. Why don’t we just get up and get moving?

Sophie & RascalMeet Sophie and Rascal, our movement specialists. They are our 6 month old collie mix puppies, and brother and sister. As we watch them chase each other around the back yard, my husband and I talk about how wonderful it is to watch their sheer joy in movement. They’re not planning to exercise for so many minutes at a particular heart rate. Instead they just tumble out the back door and explore and run and play and move! When we take them for walks, they’re busy exploring their new world with all their senses and totally in the moment. We people miss so much when we’re absorbed in worry over our latest to-do list.

If you’re wondering what the best kind of exercise is and you don’t have 4 legged movement specialists of your own, the answer is anything that gets you moving, and hopefully, something that brings you joy or satisfaction. Joy comes from doing something fun and playful, and the satisfaction comes from things we might think of as work, like cleaning up the garden, but when we’re done we feel good about what we’ve accomplished.

What can we do to help ourselves? Get moving and enjoy our day!

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