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A tipping point for patients demanding better medical care?

Recently, a friend lent me a copy of Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age by Michael L. Millenson. It was first published in 1997 with a paperback edition published in 2000, but I was thinking that it could have been written yesterday because the stories are so similar to those in […]

The Cholesterol Debate, part 4: What about making lifestyle changes to avoid having to take medications?

There were a lot of articles about the new recommendations for statins since they came out recently and I was interested in the comments. There were many about how side effects had affected people, and how big Pharma will benefit, but what I was happy to see was that people were also asking why there […]

The Cholesterol Debate, part 3: More patients will be “captured”* with new recommendations for statins

Earlier this week I wrote two articles about cholesterol, saturated fat and statins. Yesterday I was surprised to see in the news that the recommendations had changed again. The ticker-tape on CNN last night reported that many millions more would be “eligible” to take statins. Eligible? The way I read that, millions more healthy people […]

The Cholesterol Debate part 2: What if statins don’t help you live longer?

A topic that frequently crops up in my reading about overdiagnosis and overtreatment is the use of statins to lower cholesterol. I’ve questioned this idea for many years and I worry about people I know who are taking statins because of the side effects they cause. In my previous post, I wrote about an Australian […]

The Cholesterol Debate, part 1: What if eating saturated fat doesn’t lead to heart attacks?

Cholesterol is a subject I hear a lot about.  People are tested for it, eat low fat foods to avoid it, and many are prescribed statins. The current way of thinking is, if we keep our cholesterol numbers within a certain range, it will lower our risk of heart disease.  I’ve questioned this idea for […]

Your hospital stay: Were you admitted or just observed?

It seems that it’s in the winter months when people I know are more likely to go to hospital as an emergency patient so I thought this was a good time to write about an aspect to hospital stays that you may not know about. I was reminded about it when I read Paula Span’s […]

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