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About Twitter

I’m not a fan of social media but last fall, a friend convinced me to try Twitter. I’d been resisting because I thought Twitter was about people posting what they’d had for breakfast and I wasn’t interested in doing that or reading what other people ate for their first meal of the day! I’ve since learned that Twitter can be very useful for helping you find information you’re looking for.

One of the things I love about the Internet is that I can look up anything I’m curious about and find answers. On the other hand, anyone can post answers and it can be time-consuming and frustrating to wade through them all. This is where I’ve found Twitter to be useful. I can follow people who are interested in the same subjects I am and they guide me to information I’m interested in.

How does this work? Start by following authors of books, articles, and blogs that interest you. You can also follow sections of magazines or newspapers. For instance, I follow Reuters Health instead of Reuters, to reduce the number of Tweets I need to look through. Once you start to follow a few people, publications, and organizations, you can get a feel for what interests them by who they follow and the articles they Tweet about.

Patients are people, too!
I guess you’re wondering why I’m writing about Twitter and what this has to do with patients being people. I’ve talked to many people with chronic illnesses who are looking for information on how to live well, and they’ve experienced the same frustrations I have in separating the valuable information from the rubbish. I’ve found Twitter to be a useful resource, so I hope you do, too.

And on the off chance that you really wanted to know what I had for breakfast today, it was bacon, eggs and coffee!

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