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March is Shared Decision Month

I wrote About Shared Decision Making back in January but with March being Shared Decision Month, I found some new resources to share with you. On the Shared Decision Making month website I found this wonderful piece, How to Become An Activated Patient containing a few, easy to remember tips, and some real life examples on how […]

Suing doctors for medical harm is harder than we think

It’s a common belief that because medical professionals are afraid of being sued, they order more tests than necessary to rule out possible issues. There’s more concern about legal action if something is missed and causes harm than there is about doing too much and causing harm. A recent article on the ProPublica website, by […]

It’s ok to decide for ourselves

There was considerable media attention following the publication of the results for the 25 year Canadian study on mammogram screenings that showed these screenings aren’t saving lives to the extent that we’re led to believe. Among them was an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Why I Never Got a Mammogram by Marie Myung-Ok Lee, […]

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