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About “Questioning Protocol”

Caring for a loved one who is ill is stressful. Caring for a loved one who is ill and in hospital is even more stressful and something that adds to that stress is not knowing what is happening. There are questions about treatment, care, side effects, how to manage after discharge and so much more. […]

An ER experience from the patient’s perspective

I’m excited because today I received my copy of Questioning Protocol: How One Mom Dispensed Equal Doses of Humor, Humility, and Corporate Smarts to Help Her Family Navigate Their Health Care Crisis by Randi Redmond Oster. Randi has kindly allowed me to post an excerpt from her book (see below). I feel that it illustrates […]

Emergency Rooms from the ER physician’s perspective

I guess most people have been to the Emergency Department of a hospital, either as a patient or accompanying one. Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to never have visited one, but you’ve heard stories from friends and loved ones who have. The crowded waiting room, the long wait, the brief visits by medical professionals, more […]

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Making the most of life with Parkinson's

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Dealing and Healing with Parkinson's Disease