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A Message From the Parkinson Voice Project – How to Live With Intent

Today I watched a video with one of the best explanations of what Parkinson’s disease is. People who know me, know how I cringe whenever a Parkinson’s presentation begins with an explanation of how James Parkinson first described the shaking palsy, because it’s often an indication that the speaker doesn’t really know much about PD. This video is different. Yes, it begins with James Parkinson, but it goes on to explain why the disease carries his name, how a diagnosis can be made, and the role of dopamine in the brain, in a way that is easy for the layperson to understand. It then goes on to explain how living with intent can not only make your voice stronger, but how it can also change other aspects to how you live; it can change your movements from small and hesitant, to bigger and more purposeful.

Produced by the Parkinson Voice Project, this video doesn’t just have information for people living with Parkinsons. It’s for anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being.

Click here to view Parkinson Voice Project’s informational video

Click here to go to the Parkinson Voice Project’s website for more information about this amazing organization.pvplogo

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