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Living well with Parkinson’s from a patient’s perspective

For as long as I’ve been involved with our local Parkinson’s support group, we’ve prided ourselves as being a positive and upbeat group. No pity party here! We are all inspired – people living with Parkinson’s as well as their family and friends – when we hear how people live their lives with a positive attitude. At the World Parkinson Congress, I heard Bob Kuhn, who lives with Parkinson’s, speak about living well with Parkinson’s.

According to Bob, despite all the ways that Parkinson’s can affect your life and leave you feeling as though you don’t have any control over anything, there is one thing you can control and that is your attitude. He told us, “Attitude is your basic choice”. The quality of your life, including your health, can be affected by your attitude.

For people living with Parkinson’s, their identity has been redefined by this disease but a positive attitude gives strength and hope to others.

Bob showed us the difference between illness and wellness – there’s only “I” in illness but there’s “we” in wellness. How’s that for a different way to look at well-being?

Bob also raised the question, is the pain in trying and failing? Or is it in failing to try?

Bob Kuhn lives with Parkinson’s and writes for his blog called Positively Parkinson’s: Parkinson’s Disease – Challenges and Encouragement.

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